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Looking for the Best Hair Extension Salon in Miami?

Various Types of Hair Extensions

  • Keratin Tip Hair Extensions by Great Lengths (permanent  bonded hair extension lasting 4 to 6 months)
    • Avant-Garde is a Great Lengths Platinum Certified Hair Extension Salon
  • Tape in Hair Extension (semi permanent hair extensions lasting 6 to 8 weeks)
  • Customized Hair Clips (Clip-In hair pieces for special occasions)

Great Lengths – Permanent Hair Extensions 

Great Lengths is known for having the best quality real hair available, offering many colors and variations to match most hair.

Keratin hair extensions by Great Lengths, come pre-tipped and are bonded to your hair using the cold-fusion technique. Unlike traditional bonding, requiring to warm the area to glue, Cold-Fusion uses ultrasound bonding with no damage offering the best way to attach hair extensions.  Keratin hair extensions can be cut to style your hair the way you always wanted it to be!

Want to Know if Keratin Hair Extensions are made with Real Hair?

Keratin Hair Extensions from Great Lengths are made from 100% real human hair (REMI Hair!)

Visit Avant-Garde Salon and Spa. Avant-Garde Salon is a Premier Certified Partner of Great Lengths. Great Lengths Hair Salon Miami

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